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    Project Managerment Team
    The experienced bilingual Project Engineers will customise and provide customer with individual service from start to finish. At the beginning of project, we will review the entire project design, make detailed plan and progress estimation. During die manufacturing, project engineer will make regular timing plan ensure that you can get the detailed information about the process of each parts which have been machining. Highly transparent project management system and quick responsiveness are the key points to ensure the delivery timing.

    Our Project Engineers will follow up the whole stage of die tryout and its operational performance. Professionals take responsible for die tryout modification and sample inspection. In respect of die buyoff, we adopt rigorous inspection standard to ensure the stability of dies which will be delivered. Adhering to impartiality, effectiveness and transparency during tool buyoff, we will provide customer with reliable reports and results. Our Sales Team and Project Engineers will work with you closely to do all the work concerning your die standard, design, machining, tryout, shippment and so on, to ensure quick response to customer's requirement.